Realtime is a tool for implementing real-time functionality into your application. Real-time collaboration has never been this easy.

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The project

When we started the Slate project, we envisioned building software with built-in real-time collaboration features so people could work together in real-time. We didn't find any good products on the market that met our needs, so the decision was made to build that solution ourselves. From the outset, we decided to build Realtime as a standalone product so its output could benefit others besides Slate alone.
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Project image

The challenge

We quickly realized that real-time software solutions come with certain complexities such as scalability, handling data mutations, conflict resolutions, real-time algorithms and more. For example, it took Figma two years to rewrite their software to incorporate real-time functionality due to these complexities.
Project image
Project image
Project image

The product

The product got the name Realtime and is in the form of a software package @inrealtime/react, the Realtime dashboard allowing users to subscribe to the solution and view usage analytics, the Realtime documentation page, and finally the service itself built on cloud solution Cloudflare Durable Objects, including the real-time engine. We are immensely proud of this product as it is significantly more powerful and easier to use than any other solutions available on the market.

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